Welcome to Hampton Life Saving Club

Our Team

The club is managed by a Board of Directors (all volunteers), who are appointed on a rotational basis bi-annually at the Annual General Meeting.  Each Director oversees a Portfolio of activities, which are managed by our Committees.

For season 2016/17 the Board is comprised of:

Lifesaving Operations Team

Director: Andy Lawrence

Chief Instructor: Andy Lawrence

Training Administration: Carol Lawrence

Radio Officer: Christian Aquila / Nick Forbes

First Aid Officer: Nick Forbes

Powercraft Officer: Alex Walton / Christian Aquila

Patrol Roster Manager: Anne Tammesild

Gear Steward: Jean-Marc Bonnet

 Sports Team

Director & Head Coach: Michael Pratt

Junior Competition Managers:
Maryann Hetherington & Sarah Cameron

Senior Competition Manager: Susie Massey

Masters Competition Manager: Sam Dwyer

IRB Racing Team Manager: Andy Lawrence

Winter Competition Manager: VACANT

Competition Gear Steward: Peter Costello

Sports Water Safety Coordinator: VACANT

Junior Activities Team

Director: Murray James

Nippers Manager: Liz DeNittis

Nippers Coaching Manager: Peter Hetherington

Nippers Administration: VACANT

Starfish Nippers Coordinator: Kerrie Curtis

YIPS Coordinator: Kerrie Curtis & Tracy Spence

Junior Water Safety Coordinator: VACANT

Junior Gear Steward: Peter Costello

Sun Smart (Uniform) Coordinator: VACANT

Administration Team

Director: Philip Mawkes

Membership Officer: Tiffany Welsh

SurfGuard Registrar: Philip Mawkes

Communications Manager: Sam Dwyer

Member Protection & Information Officer: Carol Lawrence

Grievance Officer: VACANT

Club Historian: Chris Eastman

Club Chaplain: Colin McInnes-Smith

Member Services Team

Director: Don Smith

Social Coordinators: Helen Partridge

Kiosk & BBQ Manager: VACANT

OH&S Coordinator: VACANT

Facilities Manager: Brett Wells

Finance & Strategy Team

Director: Andrew Hill

Hall Hire Coordinator: Helen Partridge

Club Accountant: David Hagan

Merchandise Manager: Jane James

Fundraising Officer: Mark Garbelotto

Sponsorship Coordinator: Jennifer Cary-Ruiz

Grants Officer: Helen Partridge

Planning Officer: VACANT

Hours & Info

Summer Season 2015-2016
Patrols - Weekends & public holidays
Nippers - Saturdays from 3pm