Welcome to Hampton Life Saving Club

Our Values

HLSC values are the fundamental principles that help guide club operations, behaviour and decision-making. They are a framework of expectations for all club members; general members, committee members and the Board of Management. They help to guide the standards governing the operation of the club and the relationships with members, the public, stakeholders and sponsors. This includes all club activities and members representing the club, within and outside the club. HLSC values are:

Preservation of Human Life

Our club exists to provide a safe aquatic environment at Hampton beach for the public by managing the risks posed to human life by all aquatic environments. Our role is prevention, recognition and rescue.


We are all volunteers who share a common commitment to the principles of community participation in lifesaving. We value and recognise the efforts of all of our members and the service they provide our community.


We expect and reward enthusiasm, effort and management that anticipate and respond in innovative ways to the needs of members, sponsors, stakeholders and the community.


We recognise that we must be effective and ethical stewards of the resources and traditions placed in our trust for future buy diazepam online fast delivery generations. We recognise that using and protecting the financial, physical, and technological and human resources of the club are a shared responsibility of all members.

Equity & Diversity

We respect and embrace all members of our community and the public we serve without regard to differences based on race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality and physical or mental ability.


We are committed to the achievement of the highest standards in all that we do as a club and to the delivery of quality lifesaving services to our members, the public, stakeholders and sponsors.

Teamwork and Mutual Respect

We use teamwork as the basis of how we create a safe, positive and encouraging club culture in which everyone is valued. Our club culture is built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, empowerment and cooperation.

Honesty and Integrity

We pride ourselves on the honesty and integrity and the manner in which we deal with each other, the public and our stakeholders.

Lifelong Learning

We provide members with a learning environment that provides members with opportunities for personal development in life saving education and awards and encourage them to improve their lifesaving knowledge and techniques.

Hours & Info

Summer Season 2015-2016
Patrols - Weekends & public holidays
Nippers - Saturdays from 3pm