Welcome to Hampton Life Saving Club

Patrol Roster

All patrols are voluntarily and each week the Club ensures that we have a Patrol Team rostered on that meets the minimum required skill sets, from our Bronze Medallion holders and Surf Rescue Certificate recipeients, as well as those members with more advanced qualifications such as Advanced Resuscitation, Spinal Management, plus Rescue Boat Driver (IRB) & Crew.

Patrolling is a great way to give back to your community and we welcome all patrollers who wish to join any team.

As a member of a patrol, your duties will involve:

  • Observing swimmers
  • Attending to any minor first aid cases
  • Patrolling the beach
  • Educating members of the public about water safety
  • Radio operations
  • Performing any rescues as directed by the Patrol Captain

Please register yourself to join our patrol teams for any patrols that you can attend throughout the season. The patrol roster is accessed through the members portal. For assistance with your long in and password cheap diazepam to buy details email Alex Walton (alex+hlscportal@alexjwalton.com).

If you have any questions about patrols you can direct these to our Director, Life Saving Operations. If you would like to join HLSC and patrol with us you can make an application through the SurfGuard Member Portal or contact our Membership Officer.



Patrol Teams have been assigned to ensure we have the minimum number of patrol members to be fully compliant with Life Saving Victoria Protocols. In the event that you cannot attend your rostered patrol, please contact your Patrol Captain through the HLSC Member Portal. You can assist your Patrol Captain to find a replacement for you by:

  • Being organised and provide as much notice as possible early unless it is an emergency.
  • Look for someone who has similar qualifications / role to you.
  • Offer to do a swap with someone.
  • Help others out when you are asked to do a swap.



Hours & Info

Summer Season 2015-2016
Patrols - Weekends & public holidays
Nippers - Saturdays from 3pm